Paris day 3

Friday 24 May 2013

The weather was cold and rainy again on Friday, so we slept in. When we finally rose, we caught the metro from Menilmontant to Belleville and then on to Hotel De Ville. We walked past Notre Dame Cathedral and then along the banks of the Seine to the Musée D’Orsay. After queuing for about an hour to get in, we spent the afternoon browsing impressionist and post-impressionist art. The museum was absolutely packed, but Susan was in heaven. She loves this period of modern art.

In the evening we walked back to our neck of the woods via the Marais. We located the exact address of a restaurant that Susan had chosen, but it was closed, apparently for renovations. So we ate at a very nice Tibetan restaurant instead. The lamb curry was memorable.

We returned home, again via the boulangerie and grocery store, and spent another cosy evening in the apartment. Susan wanted to potter but she fell fast asleep on the bed soon after we got home. And it was not long before I joined her.

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