Morialta Park to Tanunda

Friday 6 October 2017

Friday began with a few obligatory rounds of Bananagrams. We then set out in Ruby’s pink Toyota (Floyd) to Morialta Conservation Park, which is located about 10 km North of Adelaide. On the way into the park we passed a children’s adventure playground which had been designed by the children of Adelaide. Ruby had compiled a report about this for Behind the News, where she works as a journalist.

We spent the rest of the morning walking the Three Falls grand hike. This was an easy stroll along well-established trails. The park had clearly been infested by feral olive trees which seem to thrive in the harsh conditions there; but there were also many lovely native species, notably grass trees (xanthorrea).

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As the name of the trail suggests, it tracked along a freshwater creek where there were several attractive waterfalls.

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We chatted with Ruby along the way and took some photographs. Towards the end of the trail there were lovely views looking south back to Adelaide.

40. Suz and Roo on trail

After our hike we headed to Norwood for lunch. We ended up in a chain restaurant where they serve decent burritos. Susie went op-shopping while Ruby and I had a coffee and watched the world go by.

After lunch we drove back to Brompton to get changed and pack our overnight bags. We drove to Rob’s work, transferred our gear to his work car, and drove north through outer industrial suburbs of Adelaide. We arrived at Angel’s AirBnB in Tanunda right on 6 p.m. The accommodation was very comfortable, and the owners were clearly skilled gardeners.

42. Tanunda crew
Angel’s AirBnB, Tanunda

Rob changed out of his work clothes and we drove to the restaurant which had been converted from a grand old house. We had selected the chef’s menu, which consisted of a number of different courses. Susie was critical of the vegetarian and vegan versions of the menu which had been rolled into one and largely stripped of protein. The wine and service were excellent however, and the conversation flowed like quicksilver. We returned to the B&B on foot and turned in early.

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