Barcelona day 2

Tuesday 28 May 2013

On our first morning in Barcelona we hung out on balcony trying to take in the view with the assistance of fresh-squeezed orange juice and home-brewed Italian coffee.  We Skyped Clare and then had lunch at a café called Jofama that was recommended by our hosts. Afterwards we walked some of the Modernista trail to take in some more of Gaudí’s architure, including La Casa Battló. We then walked to Plaza Catalunya and down La Rambla to the harbour where we rested until a savagely cold wind suddenly intruded into the city.

On the way home we got lost and stopped at an artisan market on the Plaza of Angels where Susie bought some earrings. We then managed to find our way home via Girona and a local supermarket. I made Spanish pasta which we washed down with far too much wine. That was a late night.

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