Map of journey

While we were travelling in 2002, we carried a large map of Australia and traced our journey on it with a heavy black pen. Below is a photograph of the original map, complete with sticky tape.

Map of Australia showing our route
Our journey on a map

We started in Sydney, and when we reached the eastern most tip of Australia (Byron Bay), we headed north west through Queensland. When we reached Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, we headed north to Darwin. After that, we tracked south and west through the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia until we reached Broome. From there we followed the west coast, past the western-most tip of the continent (near Denham), until we reached the far south-west corner.

The return leg of our journey was a rapid crossing of the continent—some 5,500 km—from Perth back to Queensland, in search of the crystal clear waters of Fraser Island.  This took us through the wheatbelt and goldfield regions of Western Australia and across the Nullarbor plain. After side trips to Adelaide and the Flinders Ranges, we headed north-east through outback New South Wales until we crossed our own path in Southern Queensland. Finally,  we headed south down the east coast back home to Sydney.

It took us 25 weeks to complete the journey, and according to the odometer, we travelled more than 25,000 km.

We plan one day to fill in some of the gaps in our trip by visiting north Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and of course the vast expanses of central Australia.

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  1. wundercliffe says:

    Thanks, Jonin! I hope you enjoy the posts that follow.

  2. joninmariegargoles says:

    This is so great

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