Park Beach

Monday 8 Feb 2015

We dropped Ruby at the ABC office in Coffs Harbour on Monday morning, and drove to Macauleys Beach. It was windy so we sat in the car for while, watching the waves break on the shore while a group of young campers organised a slap-up breakfast on the grassy verge beyond the parking lot. After we had worked up an appetite, we went to the Surf Club at the other end of the beach, in search of our own breakfast.

Ruby outside ABC office in Coffs Harbour
Ruby’s first day of work

The surf club has a bar and a large dining area with lovely views of Park Beach. There is an impressive breakfast menu and the coffee is not bad. The management has seen fit to allow customers 15 minutes of free wi-fi with each order. This was just enough time for me to publish a previously-drafted blog post about our trip to Cuba in 2015. (I would return several times during our visit to finish uploading the last few blog entries.)

View of Park Beach from the Surf Club
View from the Surf Club

After breakfast we walked along Park Beach from South to North, and up over the headland at the northern end of the beach. Then we turned around and walked back.

When Ruby finished work, we picked her up and took her out for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant called Mana Chita, which offers a selection of tasty vegetarian food.

Swimming flags on Park Beach
Park Beach

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