Viñales day 3

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tuesday was a rainy day, so we decided to take care of some business. We booked a bus back to Havana, and we also used the Wi-Fi in the main square to send some emails to casas particulares in Vedado. Eventually the rain sent us looking for cover, however. So Susie went to the local peluquería to ask if they could dye her hair.

La Peluqueria
La peluquería

The dye was applied in a fashion we had observed in Playa Girón: the hairdresser did not worry about getting dye on the margins of Susie’s face. The excess dye takes about a day to disappear, and is hardly noticeable—but only if you have dark skin!

When the job was done, we went back to the casa for the rest of the afternoon, and emerged late in the evening to try out a Mediterranean style restaurant called Ólivo that gets a good rap in the guidebook. We both ordered the moussaka, which was delicious. Susie ordered a glass of red wine to go with it. She later regretted this decision when she came down with a migraine.

After dinner we went out again to Polo Montaño, the venue behind the church. The music was not quite as good as the first night. There was a lot of torch-song karaoke, but we were rescued from this by a group of young dancers who went through some sharp contemporary dance moves. When the band returned for its final set, we headed for home.

Along the way, and Susie paused to take some photos of other revellers weaving their way home along the main street of town.

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