Carnarvon Gorge day 3

1 May 2002

Today I walked back to the Amphitheatre and the Moss Garden to take some video footage, while Susie conducted lessons back at the camp.

In the afternoon we went on the short 2km walk to the rock pool.  Clare, Ruby and I had a swim while Susie took some video footage.  The water was clear and cool. There were fish and ducks in the water.

Susie returned first to start a dinner of bangers and mash. Clare, Ruby and I horsed around for a while.  Ruby got in a huff on the way home, which put a sour edge on an otherwise perfect afternoon.  Her moodiness is something we are going to have to get used to.

Tomorrow we head north towards Rolleston, and then Westward again.

View from ampitheatre_blog
View from the floor of the Ampitheatre

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