Paris day 2

Thursday 23 May 2013

After breakfast on our second day in Paris, we set out to see what we had missed on our previous visit. In 1987, we had turned up at the Pompidou Centre on one of the days that the museum was closed. We were careful to verify the opening hours this time!

Given that the weather was cold and windy, it was a good move to spend most of the day indoors. We began as do so many tourists by climbing the stairs to the uppermost level to take in the wonderful views of Paris and especially of the Eiffel tower. We then knuckled down to a major “art attack” which consumed most of the rest of the day.

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On the Metro home, there was a busker in the train carriage from Belleville to Menilmontant.  We bought a baguette from our local boulangerie and returned to our somewhat draughty apartment to catch up on this recount, reply to emails, and to consume bread, cheese, beer and wine.

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