Mataranka day 2

13 May 2002

This morning we hired two canoes and paddled downstream to Mataranka Falls.  We had to lug the canoes through a short stretch of forest.

S-R on canoe Roper River_blog

The falls were exquisite.  I saw a freshwater croc as soon as we arrived. I didn’t tell the kids so they wouldn’t worry.  We enjoyed the spas around the falls, and found what I think were crocodile tracks. They were very odd, unlike anything I’ve seen before.

S-R-C in falls at Mataranka_blog

On the canoe trip back to the campsite, Ruby and I caught sight of a little “freshy” and got within an arm’s length of it.  I took a photo that I hope will turn out.  They are masters of camouflage.  We’re all totally worn out tonight from the adventure.  The Roper River is exquisite.  Elsey National Park is the best stop so far.

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