Bound for South Australia

The next leg of our journey would take us from Perth to Adelaide, a distance of about 2750 km. We took 7 days to complete it, so we averaged a leisurely 400 km per day.

The drive would take us east through the Western Australian wheatbelt and the goldfields, south to Norseman and across the Nullarbor Plain, and then across the Eyre Peninsula before turning south to the capital city of Adelaide. We took our time because we were pleasantly surprised by the camping opportunities, particularly on the Nullarbor Plain.

Map of journey from Perth to Adelaide
Map of journey from Perth to Adelaide

Like many others, we had equated the Nullarbor with the treeless plain which is but a short section of the drive. Most of the Nullarbor is covered with bush, and there are many charming and secluded spots at the end of dirt tracks that branch off the highway like tiny capillaries.

We were dealing with some viral illnesses that we had picked up in Perth, so we were forced to seek indoor accommodation in the old mining town of Kalgoorlie. For the rest of the journey, however, we sought out secluded camping spots, as well as sampling the big tourist attractions such as the Bunda Cliffs and the Head of Bight, where the southern right whales congregate. Our destination was again the house of an old friend who had moved to Adelaide many years previously to start a new career.

The feature photo for this page was taken on the famous Rabbit Proof Fence in Western Australia.

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